Goes (if necessary) also without beer: Outside early Schoppen in the old girl

Old girl Hamburg #gourmet guerrilla #restaurant review But almost everyone in the old girl was already here. Just not me. The brewhouse is well known for its more than 60 selected craft beers (please note!). The brewery house is located just opposite our "Sternschanze" hub. So I drive past it exactly every morning and evening and think, "Oh, we really have to go in there now." To be honest, I personally do not necessarily devour beer. And even with the word "Braugasthaus" I do not freak out completely. But since everyone who has been there until now (even small families with very young children) has sworn to me that it is really, really great there, we finally did it. And for morning brunch on Sunday morning point 10 clock. The sky shines in lovely Hamburg gray - the old girl still stands upright.

Old girl flag

Old Girl Entrance

Of course, I'll happily admit that this is the time Everything is attractive for families. Accordingly, the space was also overwhelming in the old, very charmingly converted factory hall with fireplace, open back and large windows. We were the only and first - in the big city, where there are always too many people everywhere, an unfamiliar idyll. In the large courtyard we sit down at tables and benches made of pallets. Since no one else is there, the children can run in the courtyard, climb around the pallets a bit and do not bother anyone. Maximum Unexpected Relief for Parents ...

Old Girl Seating

Old Girl Courtyard

Old Girl Operation

But now for the food - we are hungry! In the old girl are served unusual "Stullen", "bite" and "dinner" - all things that you can chew in the morning with delight. In addition, there is a breakfast menu for people with sweet teeth. All products come from the LandWert Hof or directly from the own stone oven. The friendly service brings us the "Half Strammen Max with Landei, Pata Negra, mustard chutney and herb garden" to 8.90 € and the breakfast "home for € 8.50 with sourdough baguette rolls/grains or monastery bread/butter -Croissant, butter, farm-farmer's ham, mountain cheese, apricot jam with lemon thyme & strawberry basil jam, scrambled eggs/tomato/spring onion ".If the topic turns out that way, I am from now Stammtischliebhaberin, is clear. It is also clear that we will be back soon. The next time in the evening, with many guests, total excitement, the evening menu and many pictures of the interior. I'm looking forward to it!

Old Girl Tables

Old girl
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