Coconut and gone! The winner of the trip to the Maldives and all favorites in the digital cookbook.

Kurumba Snorkeling_Safari 324 recipes have been submitted - we were just totally surprised by this unbelievable response! Thank you very much to all of you who participated in our Kokos und weg! competition with their great, creative, unusual and surprising recipes with coconut. Here you could have a look again at all the delicious submissions.

It took a tiny little bit to choose the winner: For after Jeanny has toiled neatly to put all submissions properly on the Pinterest board, to capture and to The chef at the Kurumba Maldives Resort Ross Chapman has chosen not only 10 but 20 favorite recipes. Finally, as a jury, we sweated profusely. In order to win the winning formula, everyone has checked the entries with an Excel spreadsheet and rated them according to three criteria: How well is the recipe prepared, how was it presented and how much would you like to eat the final result? Incidentally, I was especially happy about the many hearty ideas on coconut. It was also very exciting for us when Jeanny summed up all the points we had to determine the winner ...

And now the big moment is finally here!

Hereby we give officially the winner of the dream stay at the Kurumba Maledives Resort worth 4,500, - € known: Congratulations Tali Fee and her Berrycrown Kurumba Buiscuit (I hope you have coped well with your joyful shock after Jeannys call). Also congratulations to all the favorites for their great recipes in the Kokos und weg-Kochbuch .

The winning recipe and favorite recipes can be found here in our delicious little cookbook Kokos and away !

Enjoy browsing, watching and cooking:

Coconut and go! Cookbook