Avocado semifreddo with roasted pistachios. Without ice machine and surprisingly fantastic.

Avocado semifreddo with roasted pistachios #recipe #gourmet guerrilla # vegetables # ice I have to confess something: although I'm here with Sometimes when I'm around fancy vegetable desserts, sometimes I can be a very conservative type too. At least when it comes to foreign foods. Honestly. For my first avocado I had to be forced outright. And 17 years ago from my former neighbors in Valparaiso Street (how fitting!). A nice couple: you Germans, he Chilean and both actors with rather sporadic engagements and plenty of daytime free time. After university, you could hop over for a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and a little chat.

One day, when we were very happy, avocados were suddenly on the table. I watched with narrow eyes as my hosts shared the berry fruit (which, strictly speaking, botanically speaking is no vegetable at all), removed the stone with a spoon and spooned the suspiciously spotted-brownish discolored flesh onto a plate. Help , I thought. Do they really want to eat this now?

They ate it. On toast. And on top of that, they also expected me to eat the brown mush as well. All my excuses were cut down in a South American-exuberant-caring (extortionate) way. Before I knew it, I had a golden brown toast with delicious butter and this mud-colored abomination on the plate. Darn! There was no escape. Under the stern looks of my hosts I had to bite into the toast ...

I must have looked stupid, because what I had in the mouth, tasted incredibly delicious, buttery, creamy, fresh and green - just wonderful ! The same evening I scratched the supermarket and bought 10 avocados. The following week, there was morning, noon and evening avocado toast. Fantastic! I'm still happy when I think about it.

That you can make delicious salads, guacamole or salsa with avocados is no surprise for you. But we look it with ice? Avocado semifreddo? Ha! Discovered by Mud Dachshund, the recipe was stored at Pinterest, waiting for its big hour. An absolutely surprising but all the more delicious dessert! The. Got to. Man. Absolutely. Try. It does! Without ice maker, simply in the freezer compartment.

Avocado Semifreddo with roasted pistachios #recipe #gourmetguerilla # vegetables #dessert

 Avocado semifreddo with roasted pistachios #recipe #gourmet guerrilla # vegetables #dessert

And this is how it works for 6-8 servings:

In a pan 1 tablespoon butter on melt small flame. Add 50 g shelled, unroasted pistachios , 3 tablespoons sugar and 1 pinch of salt to the butter and caramelise while stirring let (until the sugar has melted). Put a plate of parchment paper on top, let the pistachios stand on it and let it cool.

Burnt pistachios #gourmet guerrilla #recipe #caramel Halve 1 large ripe avocado lengthwise and trigger the stone. Remove the pulp from the skin with a large spoon and add 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 180 ml sweetened cod milk (e.g.Fill the mass in espresso cups, small molds or creme brulee bowls and allow to freeze in the freezer for at least 4 hours. To serve, you may want to dive briefly in warm water, tumble on a plate and decorate with the rest of the burnt pistachios.

Buy all: Plates and Etageren by 3PunktF - after a long pause I finally allowed myself some of these wonderful handmade pieces. Spoon and tablecloth from ZARA home.

Avocado Semifreddo with roasted pistachios #recipe #gourmet guerrilla # vegetables #dessert

 Avocado semifreddo with roasted pistachios #recipe #gourmet guerrilla # vegetables #dessert

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