Undercover as restaurant tester for scene Hamburg on the way: Slim Jim's

For the magazine Szene Hamburg Essen & Trinken

And here comes the first rating for one of the hippest pizza locations in Hamburg's trendy neighborhoods:

The Slim Jim's

What can come of it when Hamburger Werber try pizza on the border between the hill and St. Pauli? Seriously: probably the best pasta patties beyond Roma. In the small shop with a touch of Rockabilly-Biker charm you concentrate on the essentials: appetizers, antipasti and dessert are not, but you indulge in always freshly prepared "Monatsspizzen" (about 9, - Euro) or individual Compilations on request (from 5,50 Euro).

Especially exciting: The Range of vegan pizzas sound so delicious that even meat lovers are weak, such as the month pizza with parsnips and beetroot on chickpea cream garnished with spring onions in saffron, balsamic and sesame oil. Incidentally, the cheese can be replaced with vegan enamel for free with any pizza.

In addition to correct scene sodas and usual beers there are four uncomplicated wines. The beverage offer is clearly presented on wooden shelves.

The mixed crowd with heels or hoodies lounges in it, including children and dogs very relaxed at the raw wooden tables.

From there you can watch lentils and the pizza maker turning and filling the dough flat directly in the open kitchen area.

Now comes our pizzas: crisp, thin soil, exciting combined toppings, melting cheese.Uncomplicated people in the St. Pauli and Schanzenstyle eat super delicious pizza or sometimes come in for a beer. Definitely not for business appointments or conservative relatives, but just right after a long day at work, for a family lunch on the weekend, or as a base for a night out in the area.

At the Schilleroper 1-3, 20359 Hamburg
Mon.-Fri. 12 to 22 o'clock, Sat. & Sun. 13-22: 00 o'clock
Tickets: no

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