Sustainable crockery made of sugar, corn and bamboo: colorful, unbreakable, dishwasher-safe, biodegradable - and not just for kids.

Little kids love crockery. Especially when it is turned over on the floor and the delicious contents have worked evenly into the living room carpet. This is incredibly interesting and fascinating and must therefore be tried very often. Children learn mainly through frequent repetition. By the way, adults too. Pretty soon, however, one has got out that it is better not to give the little treasure for his learning curve the favorite plates of ceramic or porcelain. Because otherwise you will soon have no more. So you end up naturally with colorful children's dishes made of plastic. Of course, the kids like the colorful. But what about plastic?

For all those who always have to think of the giant whirlpools in our oceans and do not really think it's great that the whole thing will still be in the dumps in 1,000 years There is an alternative:

Sustainable crockery made of plant-based raw materials such as sugar, corn and bamboo, which not only looks enor- mously colorful, but is also extremely unbreakable and easy to care for. The company ZUPERZOZIAL has devised this tableware, which on the one hand is very durable for everyday use, but on the other hand is 100% biodegradable. For example, the crockery parts in soil rot within a few months, but can be put into the dishwasher as often as you like.

Is not that a great concept?

Even though my son is already bigger and - thank goodness! - is out of the Tellerwerf age, he has immediately plunged on the children's dishes Hungry Kids with panda and flamingo. We have been using the set for several months now, put it in the dishwasher regularly and are thrilled with how well it works.

The kids' sets are available in different designs. But for adults too, ZUPERZOZIAL has developed many great series: plates, bowls, cups and trays in brightly colored pops, cutlery, serving bowls and mug-to-go in more delicate tones, all of which can be perfectly combined. Here are my favorites:

Zuperzozial Harness Hungry Kids Lion and Chamois

crockery Just Sugar Breezy

Zuperzozial dishes Just Sugar Sunny

Zuperzozial trays Just Sugar Pink and White

Where to buy: All of the above items and other collections from Zuperzozial are among others Available at Nursery House.

Info: Many thanks to Nursery House for a Zuperzozial Set Hungry Kids Flamingo for test and review purposes. The product recommendation corresponds to my own, free opinion.